Priya Cement
Rain Cements Limited (“RCL”) is a leading producer of 3.12 million tons per annum of cement in South India since 1986 at two integrated plants at the following locations. RCL markets cement under the brand “Priya Cement” in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. RCL is self-sufficient in all critical raw materials consisting of limestone, power and coal. RCL is also has Fly Ash Handling Unit at BTPS, Bellary, Karnataka Cement Packing Unit at Bellary.

Rain Cements Limited
Priya Nagar, Ramapuram Village
KodadTaluk, NalgondaDist 508 246, AP
Phone: +91 (8683) 234607
Fax: +91 (8683) 234602
1 million tons capacity per annum  
Rain Cements Limited
Boincheruvupalli Village
Kurnool Dist. 518 220, AP Andhra Pradesh
Phone: +91 (8522) 249919
Fax: +91 (8522) 249920
2.16 million tons capacity per annum  

Calcined Petroleum Coke
Rain CII is the world leading producer of calcined petroleum coke. In July 2007, Rain CII Carbon (Vizag) Limited (formerly Rain Calcining Limited) acquired Rain CII Carbon LLC (formerly CII Carbon, LLC) making the combined entity the world’s largest maker of calcined petroleum coke. Together, operations include calcining plants in the United States and India with a total annual production of more than 2.4 million tons of calcined petroleum coke.

Rain CII is a merchant calciner, which allows us to focus on growth opportunities in coke calcining and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. Our experience in serving the world's aluminum industry dates from 1959. Rain CII is also a major supplier of calcined coke to the TiO2 industry. Rain CII's operations include calcining plants in the United States, with a total annual production of around 1.9 million tons of calcined coke. We own three deepwater shipping terminals and two full-service petroleum coke laboratories, all of which are ISO 9001:2000 compliant.

Coal Tar Pitch and Other Specialty Chemicals

RÜTGERS has been setting standards as a manufacturer of high-quality basic and specialty chemicals. The company has around 1,000 employees at eight international production sites maintaining the highest standards to protect people and the environment. RÜTGERS secures its supply of raw materials and operates an efficient logistics network to ensure on-time supply of pitch products, technical oils, aromatic resins and other basic chemicals.